Ocular Healing with Antibiotics

Sterile ophthalmic ointment
A wide spectrum antibiotic, anesthetic, keratoplastic, tissue regenerator.

Formula: Neomycin sulfate 0,5 g - Gentamicin sulfate 0,3 g - Lidocaine hydrochloride 0,005 g – L-Cystine 0,6 g – L-Asparagine 0,22 g – L-Glutamine 0,4 g - Vitamin A (70000 UI/g) 0,64 g - Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol 400000 UI/g) 0,082 g – Excipients csp 100 g

Indications: Infectious process of conjunctiva, eyelid and anterior segment of eye, ulcer and corneal trauma, vesicular keratitis, degenerative changes to the cornea and conjunctiva, foreign particles removal, post-surgical treatment. It combines the antibiotic effect of Gentamicin and Neomycin wide spectrum with the epithelial action, and tissue regeneration typical action of vitamins A and D and the amino acids of the formulation. The excipients form a lens of protection on the aqueous layer of the cornea, disposing a front of attack of active components.

Dosaje: Apply 0,5 cm of ophthalmic ointment every 6 hours in the bottom of the conjunctival sac of the affected eye. Treatment duration is according to veterinarian discretion.

Presentation: 5 g tube – Pack of 24 units.

Ocular Healing with Antibiotics